Chairman Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to AMBA SHAKTI’s website. Standing tall for the past 40 years, AMBA SHAKTI is now a brand known to all in the country. Recognized for its quality assurance and customer-first approach, AMBA SHAKTI has grown in to a well established group - a brand that is now making its name throughout the country and abroad.

AMBA Group operates in a very conservative fashion. The brand is kept limited to only the plants directly owned by the group. This allows us to maintain product quality and indulge with the customers directly. AMBA group has plants spread throughout the country and we cater to most of its area.

The group follows a de-centralized approach in its working where every plant is treated as a separate entity. This allows us to better understand the local needs of the area and cater to them accordingly. All this while the group still maintains a parent body to make sure the company is always headed in the right direction.

Going beyond Steel and power production, the group has ventured into LPG Cylinder manufacturing and corporate real estate, furthering the boundaries of its operations.

In this website you will be able to get an insight into all the workings of the group and our product offerings. It provides a true reflection of the company. I hope every visitor is able to find the information they are looking for in this company portal.


Our Mantra "Your World, Our Strength"