ReBar (Tempcore)
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Salient Features
Amba Shakti TMT presents emphatic TRICORE.

The TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) is a thermal treatment process, where the rebar properties are attained by regulating the micro structure. Ultra modern, fully automatic, PLC based machines maintain the temperature during rolling process in between 980C to 1050C. As the bar leaves the last finishing stand of the mill. it is made to pass through specially designed quenching boxes. Here the red hot bar is subjected to sudden and intense cooling. The cooling time and cooling rate depends upon the size of the bar which is controlled by maintaining desired pressure, flow rate and temperature of water in the quenchinh box. The surface of bar gets quenched form a hard martenste structure while the inner layer i.e. the core remains comparatively hot and Austenite. The bar is kept on the cooling bed, where it gets cooled by the natural air. Due to temperature gradient between inner hot core and outer layer, the core-re-heats the quenched surface.

This process tempers the external Martensite and the temperature of the surface & the core becomes equal. This is called as 'Equalizing Temperature'. On further natural cooling, the remaining Austenite transforms into a fine grained Ferrite + Pearlite Structure, there by, providing an aptimum combination of high stength, ductility and toughness.

Salient Features

Earthquake Resistance
It is the unique combination of the TRICORE, which makes AMBA SHAKTI TMT bars perfectly suitable for seismic zones. The Tempered Martensite ring imparts strength to the structure whereas the Martensite+Ferrite band gives the "spring" effect i.e., it tends to restore the original shape when the applied stresses are removed.

Heat Resistance
The microstructure formation during TMT process will not charge or distort up to a temperature of 500C 600C. Hence, AMBA SHAKTI TMT bars are ideally suited for high temperature zones & fire prone areas.

Delayed Rusting
The unique combination of carbon & manganese maintaining the right C.E. and absence of any torsional residual stresses in the bar delays rusting. This feature gives AMBA SHAKTI TMT bars longer life span even in coastal areas.


Excellent Bond Strength
AMBA SHAKTI TMT bars have unique rib pattern in terms of greater rib depth and closer rib spacing. The fully computerized (CNC) Notching machine slashes ribs uniformly throughout the diameter of the roll. This gives a proper area as well as depth to lugs & ribs; and in turn ensures excellent bonding with concrete in a reinforced structure. Due to uniformity and critically designed ribs, fatique strength of AMBA Shakti TMT Bar is mush superior to ordinary TMT Bars.

AMBA SHAKTI TMT has unique bend and rebend features. This is achieved by the combination of tempered Martensite and Ferrite + Pearlite aggregate structure. The core is Pearlite and hence soft; and thus, we can achieve bend 1D, re-bend 4D as against 3D-5D, rebend 5D-8D in ordinary TMT bars.

The phenomenal difference from ordinary TMT bars like low carbon content, no requirement of preheated or post heated welding treatment, no loss of strength or resistance at welded joints, gives AMBA SHAKTI TMT bars considerable weld-ability.

The inner most band of pearlite with some traces of ferrite and high manganese imparts high ductility to AMBA SHAKTI TMT Bars.

Greater Strength
The perfection in method to manufacture AMBA SHAKTI TMT bars creates a combination of strength & ductility, that far exceeds minimum limit as per IS:1786. For FE 415 grade the minimum strength specified and used by structural engineers in 415N/mm2, where as in AMBA SHAKTI TMT bars, the typical values are as high as 450N/mm and elongation minimum 18% as against 14.5% as specified in IS:1786.

Due to the above mentioned characteristics Builers and Architects find extensive economy while using AMBA SHAKTI TMT bars as it gives all the goodness of better stiffness, strength, ductility. Hence, AMBA SHAKTI TMT bars are the first choice of quality conscious builders & architects.