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Our Plants
Quality Control Standards
The group is constantly diversifying itself, touching all the major areas & fields and has set up 'Integrated Steel Plant', where we manufacture steel right from processing Iron Ore to Sponge Iron, Billets and finally finished steel products as well as generation of own power.

Our Plants

Amba Shakti Industries Limited, Sikandrabad, U.P.
The latest addition to the group, Amba Shakti Industries is the biggest jewel in the Crown of Amba Shakti. Boasting of a production capacity of 0.5 Million Tons of Rebars, it is the largest plant in the entire Northern India Region. This is an Integrated plant, meaning it has both, a steel melting shop (SMS) and a rolling mill. The hot billets produced from the SMS is directly fed into the rolling mill. This allows for stringent quality controls which are not possible for stand alone rolling mills and provide savings in cost and energy.
The SMS consists of two 40 tons Induction furnaces and a high speed Continuous Casting machine allowing productions of as much as 90 tons per hour. The billet from the CCM is then directly fed into the state of the Art, 0.5 Million tons capacity Horizontal/Vertical Slitting Rolling Mill. This Rolling mill incorporating the best and latest technologies of the World, produces the highest quality Rebars.
Among the various other new technologies added to this plant is also a World Class Pollution Control System and zero usage of fossil fuels like Furnace oil, Coal, etc., which makes this plant the cleanest and most environmentally friendly. (This has been integrated into all the group plants as per our commitment towards providing a better world for our future generations).

Amba Shakti Udyog Limited, Gwalior, M.P.
This is the first Green Field Project Plant, which is based entirely on the Direct charging technology. A revolutionary Integrated plant with a production capacity of 0.36 million tons, It houses three 30 Tons Induction Furnaces and two Rolling mIlls, producing High Quality Rebars.
This plant caters to the Central Region of the Nation. It is currently under expansion and shall now also produce Wire Rods and 6mm TMT, two new product additions to the group.


Goa Ispat Limited, Madkai, Goa
Catering the western and southern regions, this is a similar plant to the one in KalaAmb and has as well been upgraded with the latest technologies to produce the best quality rebars.
A pioneer in the South, this was one of the first secondary steel plants to produce rebars in the southern region. It has since inspired many more plants to become operation in the area and cater to the vast growing demand.

Amba Shakti Ispat limited, KalaAmb, H.P.
This plant caters to the northern most regions of the nation like Jammu and even Leh. It produces Rebars and Structural Steel (Angles, Channels, Girders, etc.).
An integrated plant again fitted with induction furnaces and two large capacity rebar and structure mills, it has been upgraded regularly and now stands fully equipped to make the best quality products.


Durga Ispat Ltd., Muzaffarnagar, U.P.
The first plant of the group, it stand as the shining beacon to guide the entire group towards the future.
Although old, this plant has been regularly upgraded and has found a niche for itself in producing Gate channels, Z channels, smaller size angles and other essential structural sections.
This plant has forever taught us the meaning of Quality and customer satisfaction. And what it means to push ahead and provide the best product, unparalleled by any other.